Best of Dennis Vol 2

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A message from Mr South:

Seen with a stranger's eyes, the puddle-girt sheds and ruinous railway carriage home of Dennis of Grunty Fen may seem shabby, dirty, even disgusting. But seen with the eyes of one who has grown familiar with this corner of the country, it is clear the shabbiness, the dismal dilapidation and utter awfulness are only superficial. Beneath this outer layer lie many more layers, each more dreadful than the last.

In many ways, my weekly radio conversations with Dennis remind me of having to scrape away these strata of rusting, rotting debris to explore the hypnotic horror of his past and the grinding grimness of his daily life.

Here are a few examples of what I have uncovered on my Sunday safaris. Here is the story of the daddy-long-legs living in the cruet. Here we find out why it took Dennis a week to thread a needle and another week to fill in a form. Here, too, we learn why a happy picnic brought Dennis's 92-year-old granny close to tears and how Dennis met a film star trapped in a drain.

So slip on your wellies and join me in wading through the slimy mud of memory.

Running time: 79:10.

NOTE: This is the full album, available as a CD or as a download.

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