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This collection comes from 1991.

Why is there a moose in the Miscellaneous Shed? Where does Dennis take the Christmas fender? Why didn’t he want his gusset scrutinised? What new enterprise is he considering? And what are lawn curry and electric soup?

Why did Dennis have to take off two of his pullovers? What’s the problem with corners? Why is it best to move a brass bedstead fence at dusk? What’s settled by a game of cards? Why can’t Dennis give Gran’s magazines to a museum? Why is there a standard lamp on the balcony?

Dennis is all of a dither and he’s all of a doo-dah because he’s had a letter from Maudie. It’s not easy for Mr South to read it, but what’s troubling Dennis about it? How should he respond? And why does he get all steamed up?

What does Dennis want to be chairman of, and why? Who is he going into business with? What plans has he got for parting tourists from their money? What are the Fens known for? What’s in the jar? What does Dennis want to use the pond for? What gives a lovely sheen to its water?

Be warned: this CD contains knolls, Macmillan’s moustache, the chewing-gum valve, a full chamber pot, curtain muscles, a moose’s nostrils, the Enclosure Acts, rubbers, an Elastoplast, Queen Salote of Tonga, pipecleaners, ullage, typewriters, Fen eyes, Weasenham St Peter, loins, supple thighs, mudmogs, sink tidies, chicken muck, dingle-dangle things, cowlicks and a Stygian morass of miasmic effluvia.

Running time: Over 75 minutes to spend in Grunty Fen.

Available as a CD or a download.

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