Archive Editions 11

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This collection comes from 2003.

It’s a happy New Year in Grunty Fen, and Mr South is smelling something… different. What burnt a hole in Dennis’s jumper? What did Gran shut up in her Confiscation Drawer? What’s Clement Attlee got to do with it?

The fen is flooded, but Dennis is more interested in what Mr South has got in his bag. It seems that Dennis has been forced to lead a live of luxury, but what does he long for? What are the little black balls? What is it that Dennis has finally got open? And what knocked the ewer off Dennis’s washstand?

Dennis has a new sign out, but what’s it announcing? Who’s Ziggy? Why does he have an ambulance? And what’s wrong with his hair?

Dennis doesn’t want to be called Dennis any more. But what’s driving this change? Will he ever decide on a new name? Can he persuade Mr South to change his name? Who is Felicity? And who’s Ethel Mudge?

How many queues could there be at a bus stop? Who called Gran ‘dear lady’? How did Mrs Gowler improve her class? Who was Miscellaneous for? What can you tell about a man by his quiff?

Why is Dennis’s guardian angel in a mood? How are the lady wrestlers involved? Why must Mr South apologise? Why do the ladies have their hair crisped? What was Adrian’s advice?

Be warned: this CD contains White Hunter, a commando knife, saxophones, Vermuyden, a cat trap thing, crusts, mauve fried bread, aubergine paint, camouflage, a generator, a steel comb, a sack of slack, trenching, a brigadier, mingling, a perm, a shiny shoe, quiffs, canvas frocks, Puritan pugilists, mimcry, miracles, a strain on the drains and Cyril’s trilby.

Running time: Almost 70 minutes of Grunty Fen madness.

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