Archive Editions 12

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This collection comes from early 1993.

It’s happy New Year 1993 in Grunty Fen, – or is it? Dennis sounds quite short-tempered. Why is Mrs Whitmore terrified of the lever? What’s the secret of Esme Garside’s hen house? Why did they have to lever off the side of it? Why did Esme’s mother take to her bed in 1993? Where were the wings?

Dennis has found some letters, but what are they about about? And what’s Elsan got to do with it? What does Dennis need a gimlet for? What makes Dennis go humpty-backed? And why do the rats like Charmaine?

Mr South is curious about why there's a standard lamp in the Great Puddle. Why did people think Dennis had heart palpitations? How did roses cause ladies to blush? And is this the first time Mr South has encountered a Warm Bucket?

Mr South's snobbishness hits new heights. What does Dennis think of the new President? How did he get on with the Captain? Where did Dennis go for meal? What does he use his clubs for?

This may be the first time Mr South has heard of Adrian. Who did Adrian save Dennis from? What’s the importance of a Yarmouth dartboard? Why were there Fruit Gums everywhere? Why don’t guardian angels like going down coal mines?

Be warned: this collection contains African violets, a slither, a balaclava, dandelion and burdock, nothing to whisk, a canopy, The Gibbet, Clara Butt, brake blocks, the string on a yo-yo, rabbits and Land Rover, a tie press, pong, writhing, oo, Grandad’s uniform, the Duchess of Albermarle, illicit liquor, Hopalong Cassidy, Spam pasties, swearing, Yarmouth, fen eyes, Tizer, Shippam’s, nostrils, slot machines, spasms, caustic soda, Dennis’s trouble, halo glimmers, divine beds and knitted bathing drawers and Mrs Sharman’s corsets.

Running time: Almost 70 minutes of Grunty Fen madness.

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