Archive Editions 13

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This collection comes from 1993.

Dennis seeing more clearly, but why? Why did he call it a ‘two-pylon’ day? Who is Mr Cornplaster? How did he help Dennis with his sight? And – once again – what’s Elsan got to do with it?

Why are Dennis and Mr South whispering? Why does Mr South have to get on his knees? What has Dennis never joined? What is he looking for, and what does he find?

Why Does Dennis want Mr South to keep his distance? Why is it a dirty world? What shocked Dennis about Woolly Woollard’s sloping house? Who are the Wednesday wonders?

Mr South wants to ask Dennis about the result of a Gallup Poll and is surprised by what Dennis says. What can the Walpamur hues reveal about Grunty Fen? What doesn’t Mrs Sharp stick out for Tarzan? Why does Dennis get hot under the collar at the mention of Empire? What happened to Cecil Hazlemere?

Dennis reckons Spring gets worse each year, but why? What’s rife up Pious End? Who never blinks? What can’t Mr South believe? What’s cut-throat about lavender bags? Who lured Oily Olly? Mr South has his first lesson from the Book of Ezeriah.

Be warned: this collection contains snuffing and pricking, snogging, an electrified doll, Blakeys, toffee apples, the Peek Frean, the War Office, an emergency po, Ken, Reg and a faintly glowing beak, fug and shag, Hudson’s soap, carbolic, icebreakers, variations on a theme, frittering, Sagger’s Sheds, Mounties, Father Christmas, Ossie Clasby, chafing, Nuaru, guano, boomerangs, The Cuillins, beekeepers, a ghillie’s bothy, a final thrust, tight suits, conversions, banging, two long one short and a scrape, natural gas, fundamentalists, blandishments, Shippea Hill, knolls, Ferodo brake blocks, Woman’s Own, cowlicks, linseed oil putty and amps and amps and amps.

Running time: Just over 70 minutes of verbal sparring and singing.

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