Archive Editions 14

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This collection comes from 1993.

Why has Dennis got one trouser leg rolled up? Why does Renee never light a fire in the snug at The Bull? What happens when Mr South pulls it? What can’t the cat stand? How do pub cats spread?

Being a journalist, Mr South is always willing to ask the difficult questions, such as what does Dennis think of 24-hour rolling news? What did Alvar Liddel do in his day? Why didn’t Beryl Burgess want her mouse to get damp? How did huskies get their name?

Why is Gran having a heavy wash? What’s the problem with the grinding wheel? Who’s terrified of Terry Bowden? What happens if the mobile library goes too fast round a corner? What’s the librarian’s sideline?

What was taken away for the war effort? Why does Dennis advocate school examinations? What did he have up his arm? What has he never been asked? Where did Mr Bromhead send Dennis?

Dennis is in a philosophical mood. What was bedded in the lino? What did Gran want to do in the parlour? What was Dennis's mum not very good at?

Be warned: this collection contains a Fox’s glacier mint, turn-ups, camouflage, a gas cape, breaking wind, a one-armed bandit, Mrs Price's narrow entry, holding two cherries, Digger Shag dottle banging, pearl barley, silverfish, a bobble hat, pig muck, a walrus,sparks, a horse-shoe, a concrete mixer, spring fashions, coley, stamps, singing, Old Mother Riley, nymphing experience, drawing, Bannockburn, British Rail, Christmas cake 1974, the raising of Lazarus, sowbugs, I-spy books, smelling salts and Deanna Durbin's hat.

Running time: 70 and a half minutes of life in the Fens.

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